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To achieve the best price for your home, you firstly need an accurate Market Appraisal, our property specialists have in depth knowledge about the local areas and have done extensive research into market data before coming to your property, and most importantly we have our finger on the pulse and know what buyers are expecting to pay. This allows us to provide you a better service and an accurate valuation. Most Vendors feel that they pay too much for the service they actually receive. Anthony James offers a fee structure that reflects the level of expertise you receive. We have packages instead of percentages and feel that transparency is the best way to be. Here at Anthony James we are about providing our clients excellent service from the word go. Click here to see our fees.

Key tips for getting a successful sale

Instruct a solicitor before you find a buyer

This way when a buyer is found the contract is ready which will save you weeks on your sale

De Clutter

Tidy away photos, children’s toys, always make sure the property is clean

Dress the home

Remember people are buying a home – not the property

Minor improvements

Don’t assume someone wants to do it – you always get a better price if works are completed.

Tidy Garden

A tidy garden adds 10% of the value to your home

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